Mission Statement

Theodore " Ted " M. Hajiharis- Chicago Teachers Union Field Representative

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Throughout the last decade, our union has consistently been weakened. Our membership has seen the deterioration of contract provisions; historically high job losses; the institution of an unfair Employee Discipline Code; in-fighting amongst our union caucuses; and Board Policies that have eroded the security that once ensured teaching professionals a full pension at retirement.

S.E.A. Mission Statement
The School Employee Alliance is committed to restoring respect and dignity to the teaching profession in Chicago. We believe, should CPS continue opening new schools, they should adhere to the “performance model” allowing existing staff members the opportunity to keep their jobs and encouraging professional development and supplementary education for affected teachers.

We want to improve relations between principals and staff by ensuring that administrators are regularly provided proper training in Human Relations before and after commencing their administrative duties..

The S.E.A. will stand firm when negotiating with CPS concerning the next Board/Union Agreement. We will be unwavering in our efforts to improve contract language affecting our members on a day-to-day basis, and ensure salaries are commensurate with Chicago’s rising economy and taxes.

Finally, should we assume leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union on July 1, 2010 we will immediately develop a multi-caucused leadership that will be honest and fair with its elected representatives, guaranteeing the House of Delegates proper constitutional authority in all fiscal matters and personnel decisions.